Darnell Dockett continues Twitter creepin’ ways, next up J Lo

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett tweeted out his love for the one and only Jennifer Lopez. Now, of course, falling hard for J-Lo is completely understandable — it’s not as if Dockett is the first bro to do a Google image search of Lopez and enjoy what they’ve seen.

However, the thing about Dockett is that this isn’t even close to the first time he has professed some sort of love for some sort of lady through the social media network.

Thus, following the J-Lo tweet, we took a glance down memory lane for some of our favorite (read: most pervy) Dockett Twitter crushes.

First, up the ladies of Nola.

Then he sent some love up north of the border from the land of the “thick girls.”

Not sure what’s happening here.

Wonder if this lady had really thought this one through … or maybe they’re just talking about Tootsie-pops?

Creepiest. Victoria’s Secret Employee. Ever.


And of course, Dockett attempted what became the most legendary and creepy Twitter flirt the world may have ever seen: The man publicly posted his phone number on Katherine Webb’s wall.

Wow — somebody needs to find this guy a girlfriend.

Or not, it’s actually a little funnier this way.

Can you blame him? Katherine Webb’s New York Post photoshoot is winning the internet