David Beckham’s body may have taken a hit, but he makes sure his hair doesn’t [GIF]

When you are an international soccer and sports marketing icon, you have a certain image that you must maintain.

For starters, you can never allow yourself to get fat or out of shape. You can’t get drunk and rowdy, either, or else underwear companies will find someone else to shoot their commercials with.

Finally — and David Beckham really took this one to heart — your look, style and hair can never be out of place. Granted, fans of the star probably would have forgiven him for his tussled hair after wrasslin’ with an opposing player. But remember, Beckham’s an international star, so just to be sure, he quaffed his hair ever so delicately before starting any trouble with the other player.

Beckham received a yellow card for the altercation, but his hair remained perfect. This just so perfectly encapsulates his playing/modeling career it’s not even funny … oh wait, yes it is. Extremely funny.

GIF courtesy The Big Lead.

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