2013 recruit Davin Bellamy photobombed by bong during Oregon Ducks visit

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Generally, star high school athletes are expected to reach at least some minimum threshold of academic prowess prior to enrolling in the school of their choice.

Well, it may be safe to say that, at this point, should Davin Bellamy like to play in the Pac-12, it won’t be for Stanford.

Heck, it may not be for Oregon, either. It takes brainpower to do homework, of course, but it takes far less to simply wait two seconds, move the paraphernalia out of the frame of the shot, and then take a picture with all the pretty co-eds.

Bellamy took this photo while on a recruiting visit to Oregon. New head coach Mark Helfrich may just take a second look at this dude’s ACT score after seeing it.

h/t LostLetterman.com

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