Dawg Blog: Georgia OL Hunter Long Reportedly Tweets Picture of UGA Playbook

Twitter must be the bane of college football coaches’ existence. Ask FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher how he feels about the social media network, and I’m sure the words out of his mouth wouldn’t be approved by his mother.

Throw The Flag Blog said it perfectly: “Twitter and social media may destroy more athlete’s careers than all the women, drugs, and weapons in the world.”

The latest Twitter fail by a college football player was Georgia offensive lineman Hunter Long tweeting a picture of the UGA playbook.

In his fairness, he seemed very excited about the upcoming season and just wasn’t thinking what he was tweeting through.

In Dawg Nation’s fairness, please refrain from giving any of our opponents ammunition. We are trying to win the SEC this year!

According to RedAndBlack.com, the picture was of an open playbook on the Georgia player’s lap showing the entirety of three plays, along with six partial plays.

The picture has since been removed, and I’m sure Long has since ran a handful of suicides.

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