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‘Dawgs on Top’? Nope, this should be more like, ‘Dawgs Go Home’.

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So, the “Dawgs on top” according to Georgia fans.

That’s cute.

It seems the Dawgs are on top every year around this time doesn’t it? It is good to see a fanbase confident and having fun before they play Alabama.

It’s the only time fans can have any kind of fun, hope, or confidence regarding a matchup with the Crimson Tide.

Alabama’s response video will air on Saturday on CBS at 4:00 Eastern.

The fans won’t be having much fun after kickoff.

Latest from the SEC Championship >> Check out the video game simulation of the Alabama-Georgia tilt.

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  • Jimmy Coshatt

    They are just trying to convince themselves.They still aint forgot that ass whoopin Bama put on that ass in 08.They were ranked # 2 in the country and Bama spaked that ass.Bama gonna do it again !!! Roll Damn Tide !!

    • Daniel Owen

      They should be forced to forever remember that embarrassment of a “Blackout.” Roll Tide!

  • Mike Conley

    damn bama and the only ass kicking will be the dawgs taken a bite out of that fat ass elephant, lmao the alabama fighting elephants …. go dawgs

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