Daytona International Speedway wants college football game after renovation

Daytona International Speedway (DIS) hopes to land a college football game, a la the Battle at Bristol, when the track finishes renovations in 2016. DIS President Joie Chitwood spoke with Sports Illustrated on the subject.

“We have the property,” Chitwood told, “where fans can camp inside and roll out to the game. It could be the largest tailgate inside one stadium.”

“The grass area [between track and pit road] is a ball field, a football field,” Chitwood said. “It had college football and we want to get back into the mix. We are seeing more unique games and we have a unique venue with a lot of space and we want to explore the opportunity.”

If this is true … if this happens, all I can say is “Mama, I’m coming home! The prodigal son returns.”

Save me a seat at the Deck Down Under, give Officer Miller down by the beach fair warning, and warm up my stool at Robbie O’Connell’s, because the kid is back in town.

Tailgating at DIS is one of the best pre-games out there. Toss in some college football, and I’m all-in. Can we drop the green flag to start, yellow at halftime, and checkered at the game’s completion? How about running the pace car beforehand?

And don’t you dare tell me UF will play in it. If that’s the case, I’m making the call to Glenn Ritchey and having him carve out my camping plot right meow.

This is the best non-FLOTUS news all day.

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