Settle It: Will Dee Ford be a better NFL player than Jadeveon Clowney?

Auburn defensive end Dee Ford stole some of the NFL Combine spotlight on Sunday when he told Sirius XM NFL Radio that he was better than Jadeveon Clowney. Not only did he say that his game was more refined, but he also threw Clowney under the bus and ran back over him a couple of times. Following is a transcript of Ford’s words:

“I’m better (than Clowney). Let’s put it like this. People like to talk about size all the time. Size is pretty much overrated in my eyes,” Ford said on Sirius XM NFL Radio Sunday. “You can look at guys like Robert Mathis, Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller. These are 6-2 guys and under. People are just looking at the fact that he’s a physical specimen. Honestly if you watch the film, he plays like a blind dog in a meat market, basically.

“I play with a lot of technique, I watch a lot of film, these are the things that make you a great player. These are the things I do, and it shows up, rather than — this is all my opinion — you can see these things on film. Go watch the film,” Ford said. “There are a lot of intangibles that you need to have to be a great player. You can’t just look at the fact that he’s a physical specimen. I think the NFL should have learned that by now.”

Ford’s comments sparked one simple question: Will he be a better NFL player than Clowney?

Clowney shined in the 40-yard dash at the combine. However, he was less than impressive on bench press with a total of 21 reps. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Ford perform due to medical reasons.

While we can toss around combine measurements and stats all day, what truly matters is how the players perform on the field. It’ll be years before we can truly settle this argument, but in the meantime we can have some fun.

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