DeMarcus Cousins makes joke about Derrick Rose and nobody laughs

DeMarcus Cousins tried to make a joke at the expense of bulls guard Derrick Rose. Unfortunately for Cousins, the world apparently isn’t on his comedic level.

While in the locker room, Cousins made a funny to reporter Sean Cunningham about his current injury.

From there, the Internet latched on, and both Cousins and Cunningham spent time out of their days explaining the concept of humor.

Aside from being part of the NBA fraternity of players, it’s likely Rose and Cousins interact by way of their connections with John Calipari. Both played for Coach Cal in college.

Poor Boogie. It sounds like he needs a hug, or at least a friendly handshake.

DeMarcus Cousins rejects all handshakes

  • vern vern

    I really don’t think he was making a jab a DRose. The media will always word things to create stories and conflict.

    Shame on the media!