No, J.J. Redick, DeMarcus Cousins will not shake your hand

Dear J.J. Redick,

J.J., I’m sure you’re a nice guy. I loved your game at Duke, and you’ve got a sweet stroke. But look, I’m not shaking your damn hand.

No dap, no knuckles, no pound it out, no two-time, no up high, no down low, no in space, no off the face. And don’t even think about going for a butt pat.

You know that your Clippers have beaten my Kings three times in the month of November. You know that the last two meetings were a one-point contest and an overtime game. Are you trying to rub it in, or something?

I’m trying to win games, not make friends. If you need to slap hands with somebody, go see your boy Chris Paul, because he ain’t gettin’ any love over here, either.


DeMarcus Cousins

[GIF via Deadspin]