Dennis Rodman kicks it with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, Jose Canseco is worried

Dennis Rodman has a “friend for life” in North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. (Photo courtesy of VICE)

Dennis Rodman was not known as the most diplomatic of people during his sometimes shocking, always eclectic playing days with the Pistons, Bulls and a number of other teams. Each successive year in the league brought more piercings, more tattoos and more outrageous stories of partying and cross-dressing, as well as a zillion other things.

However, none of those can top the most recent and most diplomatically crazy story of the Worm’s life.

Rodman was invited to visit Pyongyang, along with three members of the Harlem Globetrotters and a television production crew from New York-based VICE media company. All were in the capitol of one of the world’s most dangerous and reclusive nations, North Korea, in order to shoot an episode regarding the mysterious country for an upcoming HBO series.

Well, not only did Rodman meet one of the world’s oppressive dictators, but he’s having a great time. All reports are indicating that in a country where the vast majority of people are starving, there is hardly any internet and the dress code is out-of-control strict, Rodman has buddied up to dictator Kim Jong-Un.

But, even though Kim informed Rodman that the former basketball star “has a friend for life” in North Korea, another famous dumpster fire of a sports personality, Jose Canseco, is still worried.

What better way to reach out to Rodman from halfway across the world than through Twitter?

Heck, it’s not like he can make a phone call into the massively regulated, historical stain of a country, anyways — but seriously, you simply can’t make this stuff up.

Hey Jose, the two guys are just having a blast…

h/t: Associated Press via Fox Sports, Photos:

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