Dennis Rodman wants to train the North Korean Olympic basketball team, seriously



We’re not sure if this is real life or just the plot for the long-awaited Cool Runnings 2, but since it’s Dennis Rodman, it’s probably a little bit of both. The former NBA superstar, cross-dresser, best selling writer and now diplomat has said he would love to train the North Korean Olympic basketball team.

Rodman has made waves in recent months as he, and only he, has been able to break down North Korea’s seemingly impenetrable borders and share diplomatic relations with dictator Kim Jong-Un. He made his second trip to the reclusive country recently, and upon return shared his basketball goals with the media.

“People are so much happier when they see sports,” Rodman said. “Sports is the No. 1 thing in the world that keep people together … I want to bridge a gap between North Korea.”

That’s all very nice. However, when asked who his starting five dictators, living or dead, might be, Rodman was not amused: “This is not a joke.”

Apparently, those in charge north of the Demilitarized Zone aren’t joking around, either. The North Korean ministry of sports will be covering the travel expenses for Rodman and some former colleagues in order to take in a basketball tournament on Kim Jong-Un’s birthday.

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