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Denver Broncos reportedly interested in Rashard Mendenhall


The Denver Broncos are reportedly interested in Rashard Mendenhall. (Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports)

The Denver Broncos are reportedly interested in Rashard Mendenhall. (Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports)

Rashard Mendenhall’s NFL career has been anything but glorious — despite two 1,000 yard seasons — and now the much-maligned running back is wading into free agency waters.

It’s been tough to gauge just how interested teams would be in Mendenhall on the free agency market, but according to a report from the Denver Post on Sunday, the Broncos are intrigued at the prospect of picking him up.

Rashard Mendendall, who at 25 years old and with two 1,000-yard rushing seasons will be one of the youngest and most accomplished running backs to hit the free-agent market Tuesday, has drawn interest from the Broncos.

Mendenhall makes sense for the Broncos because at 225 pounds he’s the type of larger-sized back the team needs to replace Willis McGahee, who remains under contract but is 31 and coming off a season-ending leg injury.

With all of his past problems, including a torn ACL in 2011, Mendanhall’s value is down compared to the potential he could bring to a team if he can keep his mind and body on the right track. The Post makes mention of his size, and coaches can’t teach the type of speed and shiftiness Mendenhall potentially brings to the table at 225 pounds. If he is 100-percent healthy, he could help take the load off of the aging Willis McGahee’s back, who is 31 and coming off of a knee injury himself.

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