Former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle commits apparent suicide, found dead in cemetery

dick trickle commits suicide

Photo courtesy @NASCARonSPEED

Former NASCAR driver Richard “Dick” Trickle, 71, reportedly committed suicide on Thursday in Boger City, North Carolina, according to WBTV-Charlotte.

In an absolutely tragic day for NASCAR fans, the legendary driver with roughly 1,000 short track wins called police to the Forest Lawn Cemetary on Highway 150 East.

Apparently, Trickle spoke to a Lincoln County Communications Center and said that “there would be a dead body and it would be his .” From there, the Communications Center employees tried to call the same number, but there was no answer. Trickle had already put his phone down.

The first emergency responders found him near his pickup truck. He had been living in Lincoln county since the ’90s.

Nicknamed the White Knight, Trickle will always be remembered for his rebellious, old school ways, which included drilling a hole in his helmet so he could smoke on the track. He raced for ASA, ARTGO, ARCA, All Pro, IMCA, NASCAR, and USAC over decades in the car and was named the 1989 NASCAR Rookie of the Year.

This is a video of Trickle lighting up a cigarette during the 1990 Winston 500, as only Trickle would.

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    Thoughts and prayers to Dick and his family and sad..