Dick Vitale photobombed by female look-alike at Indiana-Michigan game [Photo]

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Photo courtesy buzzfeed.com.

During the Michigan-Indiana game in Bloomington, Dick Vitale was busy doing exactly what he does best: Waving his hands, shouting at the camera and generally just having an amazing time at a college basketball game.

However, little did the announcer know that creeping up right behind his right shoulder was his female doppelganger in a bright red blazer.

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Seriously, check out the noses, the lines running from outside of their nostrils to the edges of their mouths, and the bags under their eyes.

It’s like freaking Vitale with a wig, and it is blowing our collective minds.

h/t BuzzFeed

What do you think Gamedayrs? Is there a resemblance or have we just been watching way too much college basketball for our own good?