Dickie V continues his campaign for Billy Donovan in the Hall of Fame

Love him or not (note: I’m a big fan), you cannot deny Dick Vitale’s passion for the game of basketball. What’s more, Dickie V isn’t afraid to campaign for things he feels will make the sport better (keep fighting the good fight against that possession arrow nonsense in college, kind sir).

On Saturday, Vitale continued a crusade that fans will surely hear during every Florida Gators game he announces in the near future: that Billy Donovan has a Hall of Fame resume.

Plenty of active coaches are currently in the Naismith Hall of Fame (including Donovan’s mentor Rick Pitino), and Billy D is building a resume that will soon find him enshrined amongst his peers. Until that happens, though, look for the ever-ebullient Dickie V to champaign and campaign on every outlet at his disposal.