Report: Tim Tebow tried to keep Aaron Hernandez from a bad crowd

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

A new story from RadarOnline claims that former NFL player Aaron Hernandez was partially recruited by Tim Tebow at the University of Florida. After shocking his friends and family by committing to the Gators, Tebow tried to influence him to live “a good life, a religious life.” But the report says he quickly lost influence over Hernandez and the two rarely spent time together outside team functions.

Hernandez was a hero in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut. During a senior year in which he dominated high school competition schools from across the country began recruiting him.

That includes the University of Florida. When Hernandez decided to take a recruiting trip down to Gainesville, one of the players involved in his recruitment was none other than Tim Tebow. The Chosen One immediately began not only trying to sway Hernandez to join the Gators as a tight end, but also to make better decisions after the 2006 death of his father.

Soon after the trip, Hernandez announced that he would commit to Florida. His decision came as a surprise to most of those closest to him, especially since his older brother was playing quarterback at the University of Connecticut at the time.

However, once Hernandez arrived in Gainesville, reports said they quickly lost whatever relationship they might have had. The two rarely spoke outside of football-related activities. RadarOnline quoted an anonymous source claiming to be familiar with the situation.

“But they weren’t close at Florida,” one person familiar with the program told Radar. “Tim obviously became the team’s leader but he came from a different world than Aaron.

“They didn’t hang out off the field. Sure, Tim tried to encourage him to live a good life, a religious life, just like he does with so many people.

“But after playing a huge role in convincing Aaron to come to Florida, Tebow lost any influence he had over Aaron, who quickly got into trouble.”

Tebow was homeschooled by two parents who spent years in the Philippines doing missionary work. During high school, Tebow lived in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, a well-to-do suburb of Jacksonville. Hernandez, on the other hand, lost his father in 2006.

The report claims that the life-altering event caused Hernandez to turn to drugs and eventually to a life of crime. At only 23 years old, the former New England Patriots tight end is currently sitting in a jail cell, facing first-degree murder charges for the death of 27-year old semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. Tebow, teammates with Hernandez in New England for less than a month, is currently the Patriot’s third-string quarterback.

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  • Troy

    Tim did not grow up in Ponte Vedra, he grew up on the west side of Jacksonville, on the family farm. His parents rented an apartment in Ponte Vedra so that Tim could play football at Nease High School. If you are going to report facts get them correct.

  • check1

    why is tim talking???!!! who cares if he “tried” to help hernandez to live a better life. this tim is a media junkie. since he has no more media coverage he goes to talk about hernandez