Did you think it was over? Auburn Krystal marquee touts deals, coaching rumors [Photo]

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Photo courtesy War Eagle Reader

Krystal may not have good burgers (hook up this humble blogger with Wendy’s any day), but the folks running the restaurant in Auburn don’t seem to mind.

As long as they are able to get their two cents in on War Eagle football, who cares how cheap the burgers are sold for?

Not only do Tigers fans get three burgers for only three bucks, but they get the latest coaching rumor for the slick price of zero dollars.

This of course, after this same marquee implored coach Gene Chizik and his team to actually beat somebody before giving up altogether and suffering as only ‘Woe Eagle’ can.

You know it’s getting tough when you’re actually celebrating a win over New Mexico State (and again, one solid value menu).

So now, with Chizik off the menu, why not serve up a bit of speculation with your dollar menu?

At the very least, this Krystal has followed along with their losing bunch all season, and that is more than can be said for most of War Eagle Nation’s ticked off fans.

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