Donovan McNabb: Defense Wins Games, Offense Wins Super Bowls

Offense wins games and defense wins championships, right? Not so, according to Donovan McNabb (and seconded by Marshall Faulk). The two retired superstars-turned-analysts were on Thursday’s “Dan Patrick Show” to discuss this philosophy.

According to McNabb, Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin won Super Bowl XLVIII, not Seattle’s defense. Never mind that both teams’ first downs, third and fourth down efficiency, and total yards were nearly identical – yet Seattle won 43-8. Or that Denver didn’t score until the final play of the third quarter. Or that Seattle’s defense and special teams scored 22 points, where the offense scored 21 points. It’s all O all the time.

The entire interview is worth a listen, if for no other reason than hearing two ex-pros talk shop, which is always fun. For the foolish breakdown of the Superbowl, fast forward to the seven-minute mark.