Donovan McNabb believes Redskins are brainwashing RGIII

Photo: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The keep-me-in-the-spotlight-at-all-costs soap opera continues for Donovan McNabb. Following an illustrious 13-year career that included four straight trips to the NFC title game and one to the Super Bowl, McNabb was recently honored by the Philadelphia Eagles as he announced his retirement with the team he enjoyed his best years with.

He may be done suiting up in the NFL, but apparently he is not nearly done with the League, if you know what we’re saying. The former Pro Bowler has been keeping a very close eye on Washington Redskins signal-caller Robert Griffin III.

Now he seems miffed that RGIII wants nothing to do with him. In June, McNabb took to the public sphere to criticize RGIII’s handling of the media circus as he rehabbed from a torn ACL. After that, he stated that he would like to sit down with the former Heisman Trophy winner to dispense what he believes to be some sage advice.

Griffin, on the other hand, said in a recent interview with GQ, “it’s probably best we don’t talk.”

McNabb responded during his time on NBC Sports Radio’s Under Center with McNabb and Malone:

I’m just trying to help him, but clearly the young generation think they have all the answers. And he’s going through a little turmoil right now of trying to get out on the field. And it’s unfortunate, but that’s where we’re at right now as far as these young quarterbacks who think they have all the answers.

Does McNabb’s quote sound a bit like your grandparents talking about those dang kids and their newfangled gadgets? That’s at least what it sounds like to us.

But wait, the grumpiness continues. In fact, it escalates.

“I honestly think that over there in Washington he’s getting brainwashed.”

Brainwashed, you say?

Or is McNabb just upset that RGIII is listening to the advice of others instead of him?

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  • JJ

    I think McNabb needs to STFU.

  • Valc

    He is right……RGIII is heading in the wrong direction. HE needs to STFU

    • Geno

      Headed in the wrong direction how?

      • Adam Banig

        I know what he means. Rg3 needs to quit being so honest when answering questions with the media. He needs to become like a McNabb with the media and be mello, like what Shanahan does. Rg3 built the current controversy by building up a perceived disagreement on his end from how he’s being treated in his rehab by the redskins.

        Everything going on with that is because RG3 created it.

        Period. Given Mcnabbs history dealing with controversy from Philly fans, TO, the Shanahan’s and Rush Limbaugh, Mcnabb could teach Mcnabb something there, but RG3 can’t talk to Mcnabb while the Shanahans are in DC because they wouldn’t approve and that’d cause a problem with the relationship between RG3 and his coaches

  • Billy

    McNabb, just GO AWAY

  • Adam Banig

    Given Washington Redskins former quarterback Donovan McNabb’s comments today that RgIII is being “brainwashed” by the Shanahans, he is obviously still hurt from how it all ended for him in Washington and hasn’t come to peace with the fact that when he came to DC he was all but done as a starter in the NFL. All that being said, while I don’t condone Mcnabb’s term of “brainwash,” when referring to the Shanahan’s development of RGIII, he does have a point to a certain extent.

    If RG3 didn’t play for the Shanahan’s who are the only coaches in the nation that we know of who hate McNabb, RG3 would talk to him I’m sure.

    Rg3 is in a tough spot, I’m sure he’d love talk to McNabb who I’m sure he patterned some of his game after as a younger player but because the Shanahan’s made McNabb out to be the bad guy when their horrible trade for him didn’t work out, RG3 knows he can’t talk to McNabb.

    People seem to forget who brought McNabb to DC, they wanted him and have up 2 high draft picks to get him, which could have been important pieces to rebuilding the Redskins in 2010 and 2011. Kyle seemed to have a vandeta against McNabb since they first met, it just wasn’t going to work because Kyle wasn’t asked by his father first about the move and Kyle was never on board.

    I still can’t believe the Shanahans and Allen were naive enough to think that adding McNabb with some other veterans onto the Redskins 4-12 team would result in the Redskins being a playoff team.

    The redskins ran a whole media campaign and advertising Campaign around McNabb and then 6 months later he’s the bad guy?