Doug Gottlieb trolls Chane Behanan on Twitter, then backs up his tweet

Doug Gottlieb, he of the white man’s perspective, had a little Twitter fun on Wednesday by trolling former Louisville Cardinals player Chane Behanan.

Louisville fans then got into a tizzy and tried going after the analyst. To his credit, Gottlieb didn’t back down from the statement and stuck by his quip.

Behanan caught wind of the discussion and responded with his own tweet.

Call me crazy, but I’m with Gottlieb on this one. He made an offhand remark and people flew off the handle. Besides, it was the elephant in the room and he called it out. Louisville fans are mighty sensitive for a team coming off a national championship. It’s nice to see a national analyst treat sports with some levity.

For those questioning his professionalism, that will be shown when he covers Behanan for his network, or in print – whether or not he can stay objective. As for this dust up, hell, I assume 90% of the people moving to Colorado these days are a part of the “Green Rush.”

[Thanks for the heads-up College Spun]

  • Cameron Warren

    Wow, these comments were coming from a thief? Hey Doug remind everyone why you were kicked out of Norte Dame??? Thieving ass!!