Drake announced as Toronto Raptors new ‘Global Ambassador’

Photo: BlueTheGreat.com, via SportsNation/Twitter

Photo: BlueTheGreat.com

From the rap game to basketball, Drake is making moves in his hometown of Toronto.

The Toronto Raptors have not been a viable, international brand in quite some time. The squad once trotted out Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady when both were young and making moves no one had seen before. Now, most Americans who just casually watch the NBA couldn’t name a single player lacing them up north of the border.

But now they have a global name they can easily hold onto. In conjunction with the announcement that the team has been awarded the 2016 All-Star game, the Raptors have hired on rapper Aubrey Drake Graham as a “Global Ambassador.”

The franchise is planning a complete re-branding, and Drake is going to be a huge part of it, according to the Toronto Star:

The hip-hop star will also launch a clothing line in conjunction with the team. Most intriguingly, he is being asked to consult on a complete redesign of the club’s image to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the franchise in the 2014-15 season.

According to sources at MLSE, everything about the team is on the table . . . aside from the name. Give up your Huskies dreams. MLSE and Drake are sticking with dinosaurs.

Going forward, this will be more than a business arrangement.

It would be wrong to call what comes next a renaissance. That would imply that the Raptors have a legacy to build on. After 18 years, all they have is one playoff series win and Vinsanity to draw from. That’s it.

It’s within Drake’s power to change that.

This already has the feel of the Jay-Z deal with the Brooklyn Nets. However, it doesn’t look like Drake is going to be physically owning any part of the team anytime soon.