Washington State WR Drew Loftus cited for theft of two tequila bottles

Image courtesy Tha Cover 2

Sometimes, ‘boys will be boys’ — but in others cases, ‘boys will be pure, unquestioned idiots’.

On Friday, Washington State wide receiver Drew Loftus was arrested for attempting to steal not one, but two bottles of tequila from a grocery store. According to Tha Cover 2, Loftus did not try to slip the bottles into a backpack. He did not try to bring a girlfriend with a big purse in which to stow his coveted bottles.

No, instead he tried to slip both bottles into his pants, and he was busted practically on the spot.

Probably the greatest part of the entire story is the fact that, instead of simply trying to walk out of the grocery store with the bottles in his pants, Mr. Loftus strolled up to the register and attempted to purchase two cartons of eggs. Not exactly the type of food a drunk college student tries to purchase with two bulging pockets.

Loftus received a misdemeanor citation for third-degree theft. He was also charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol as well as being a minor intoxicated in public, all before receiving his release.

His coach, Mike Leach, had made his offseason home way out in Key West.

Perhaps coach and player should reunite as leaders of the Conch Republic — where no one minds a missing bottle of tequila as long as the drink is shared.

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  • Blake22

    This is cruel, I am drews younger brother, it’s kinda dumb how you don’t see 500 articles on the people who do similar crimes,but aren’t football players. Not to mention, Drew had a 4.0 in highschool, had over 30 touchdowns at qb in 2010 at Kennewick highschool. He has been my role model for a while now, and you guys only publish his mistakes, but you haven’t put on anything about his accomplishments..

    • Bill Knotts

      Didn’t he get caught breaking into cars in Kennewick too?