The 2013 NFL Draft Drinking Game: An excuse to relive your college years

Select NFL prospects wave atop the marquee before for the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. (Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports)

Select NFL prospects wave atop the marquee before for the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. (Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports)

The NFL Draft is upon us. If you plan on watching the draft, but need a little more to hold your interest, I have just the thing. In college my buddies and I would construct drinking games for events that moderately interested us—WNBA All Star games, cable airings of True Lies, State of the Union Addresses … you get the picture. That, said, I now give you my inaugural NFL Draft Drinking Game.

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The rules are pretty simple, and feel free to use as few/many of the options as you like. Add some personal wrinkles. After all this is for your pleasure. Remember, though, the longer the round, the more difficult it is to pay attention. Most importantly, drink responsibly! Order some pizzas, keep some water handy, get some Gatorade for electrolytes, and hunker down. We don’t need anyone pulling an Al Michaels or John Bonham.

Okay, and now for the game. I’ve tried to make this for both NFL Network and ESPN viewers. Have fun.

1 Drink

The phrase “National Football League” is said
Manti Te’o is mentioned
Geno Smith is mentioned
Every time an SEC player is drafted
Whenever Chris Berman goes gruff (JJ Waahhh, The Raiduhhhs–you get the picture)
Deon Sanders brags on himself or goes 3rd person
Steve Mariucci laughs
John Gruden “loves” a guy
The beverage you’re drinking is advertised during a commercial (can be brand specific)

2 Drinks

Chris Berman gives a nickname (Cool Hand Luke Joeckel, etc.)
Rich Eisen uses a pun
There is a J-E-T-S JETSJETSJETS chant
Matt Barkley’s house is shown
Michael Irvin starts yelling (debatable amongst the group)
Somebody cries on camera
A draftee kisses his mom or girlfriend
A prop football is used

5 Drinks

A phone rings
Your alma mater has somebody drafted (can be expanded to your conference)
A draftee wears a bowtie
A trade happens
Nick Saban namedrop
Tim Tebow namedrop
Mel Kiper or Mike Mayock proclaims that they’re “stunned” or “speechless”

Combo Upsize

1 drink for every part of the Goodell handshake (i.e. handshake=1 drink; hand slap and hug=2 drinks; 2 slaps, knuckles, turn the key, wipe the chest, guns up, hug=7 drinks)


Waterfall for as long as the New York crowd boos. (Get your drinks ready during Goodell’s introduction, the Eagles pick, the Patriots pick, the Jets pick, and the Giants pick—you’ve been warned)

Take a Shot

Every time a QB is selected

Pour Out a Little Liquor

Whenever the Big East is mentioned (it’s only right …RIP)

Side Games for the Adventurous

Draw straws for either McShay or Kiper. Tally who has the most correct 1st round picks. Losers go streaking (or face punishment from the winning team)

Select a stable of 4 reporters

Say Glazer, Schefter, Mortenson, Peter King. And 1 wildcard, let’s choose Kevin Frazier (he’s doing work with draft parties). Take a drink every time one of them tweets.

There you have it, folks. Have a great time, and remember to be responsible. This game works best for Thursday’s Round 1 coverage. If you have any rules you’d like to add, please list them in the comments section.

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