Female Iowa student is officially the drunkest fan in America

Photo: Samantha Goudie/Twitter

Photo: Samantha Goudie/Twitter

*UPDATE* Vodka_Samm’s mugshot has surfaced, and it looks like she’s been hit by a freight train

We here at Gamedayr have enjoyed a beer pong game, or six, in our time, but holy cow. Samantha Goudie had herself one heck of a pre-game before Northern Illinois visited Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium on Saturday. We weren’t drinking with this class act personally, but we’re pretty sure blowing a .341 in a police breathalyzer means she was having more fun than you did at your tailgate.

From the University of Iowa Police report:

Goudie, Samantha Lynne, 22 of Iowa City, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1321 hours. Goudie was stopped for trying to enter the field. Goudie was unsteady on her feet. Goudie blew .341 PBT.

“She was unsteady on her feet?”

If she was just “unsteady” with a BAC of .341, well, then she is officially a professional drinker.

Luckily for us, Miss Goudie also happens to be a college student, which means she has a Twitter account. Yes, her handle is @Vodka_samm, because life is good in Iowa City these days.

Go ahead, read on down her tweets, because #Yolo.

samantha goudie iowa drunk fan .341 1

samantha goudie iowa drunk fan .341 2

samantha goudie iowa drunk fan .341 3

samantha goudie iowa drunk fan .341 4

samantha goudie iowa drunk fan .341 5

samantha goudie iowa drunk fan .341 8

Iowa was recently named the No. 1 party school in the entire country, so Goudie is in pretty epic company. Here’s the thing, however: That last tweet reads that she didn’t try to get into the stadium – but that’s actually why she was arrested in the first place. That is how the craziest partier we have ever heard of wound up coming to our attention in the first place.

We can only wonder how proud her family is.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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