Hammered drunk Aggies fan starts fight in airport, goes full blown fisticuffs

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What do you do after your underdog team knocks off No. 1 Alabama on the road, in arguably the biggest win in program history? If you have to ask, you probably aren’t a Gamedayr.

This A&M fan obviously threw down the credit card, ordered up about 10 rounds of whisky shots, and partied his face off all night long in Johnny Football fashion. He took it a step too far however, and decided to carry his celebration into a full-blown rage in New Orleans International Airport.

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Forget the win over Alabama, with a display like this from their fans, A&M is officially a member of the SEC.

Enjoy the following first-hand play-by-play from the gentleman that took the video (via Reddit):

i saw this go down yesterday waiting for my Southwest flight from New Orleans to Houston. the Aggie fan in the Johnny Football shirt was drunk and not allowed to board the plane. He got irate with the ticket counter attendant and dumped out a bag of trail mix. The black guy was waiting at the ticket counter stood up for the ticket attendant and told Johnny F’in Football to calm down. He then redirected his anger at the black guy, started dropping n-bombs and even made a comment about picking cotton.

Fisticuffs ensued and after about 30 secs Paul Blart showed up on a segway. Luckily it was caught on video because the Johnny Football guy lied to the cops initially and said the black guy started it – upon reviewing the video evidence the black guy was exonerated and allowed the board the flight. Everyone clapped for him as he was walking down the aisle (especially me because I was flying standby and ended up getting Johnny Football’s seat!)

Now please share with everyone you know so this drunk racist gets fired

Keep it classy Aggies, and all fans for that matter.

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