Ignorant Dutch speedskating coach blasts Team USA, American football

Warning: If you watch this video, you will want to seek out and punch the Dutch speedskating coach, Jillert Anema, right in the junk.

According to him, Americans haven’t won medals in Sochi, football is a foolish sport that sucks and is meant to kill people, the U.S. wastes athletic talent and is narrow minded, among other things.

Last time I checked, this narrow-minded country had more medals than the Netherlands. In fact, as of writing, Team USA is leading the medal count with 27. The Netherlands, well, they aren’t even in the top three spots.

Team USA has medaled in freestyle skiing, alpine skiing, figure skating, snowboarding, bobsled, skeleton, luge and ice hockey. The Dutch? Speedskating and short track (which is speedskating).

Let’s not even mention what the U.S. does in the Summer Olympics.

It looks like the only narrow-minded individual here is Anema. Enjoy your speedskating medals. We’ll be sure to keep dominating on all fronts.

[H/T CBS Sports, via CNBC]

  • Olivier

    With a population that is 20X that of the dutch you would expect the US to have more medals. If you would have the amount of dutch medals X 20 then you would perform equally well. No you are still outperformed by the dutch, and not just by a little bit…

  • Schrijnie

    Talking about ignorance.. As long as the people in the USA think we Dutch all walk on wooden shoes, have windmills on every corner and travel everywhere on skates I think Anema has the right to comment like he did. An eye for an eye…

  • Jeffrey

    As an American I agree with Anema, and I believe that the Dutch are doing much better that we are, as mentioned before U.S. has many more times the population and athletes, but with our 230 athletes vs. the Netherlands’ 41. And if you do medals by athlete, the Dutch go a medal per 1.7 athletes while the U.S. got one medal per 8.2 athletes. So I think we all can tell which country actually did better, plus U.S. only got 4 more medals than the Dutch.