Dwight Howard engages with Twitter hater, gets served like a meal at McDonald’s

Photo via Jason Friedman/Twitter

Photo via Jason Friedman/Twitter

Dwight Howard has successfully made himself public enemy No. 1 on two different sides of the country: Los Angeles over in Cali and Orlando in the Sunshine State.

Whether or not the Lone Star State becomes his next area of exile remains to be seen, but D-12 is definitely looking forward to the four years he is contractually committed to the Rockets.

In fact, the big man hopped on Twitter on Wednesday night and told a Lakers fan exactly that. He is not looking back, and would advise this guy to do the same.

dwight howard twitter fight loss

Now, we have no doubt that a guy like Howard is inundated with requests to “suck it” or trolls telling him exactly where he can “stick it.”

We’re also quite sure that plenty of men and women out there in the Twitterverse have let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he won’t be winning very much more than a few regular season games and maybe an eating contest while in Houston.

@uHateBre was probably just the latest in a string of thousands, but for whatever reason, Howard decided to engage her and a verbal battle of Twit-wits (and yes, that sounds a lot like “nit-wits,” because, well, it’s Twitter).

dwight howard twitter fight loss 1

Whereas Howard has totally embarrassed himself on Twitter before (who doesn’t understand “Eye Yam Stew Peed?”) he actually got this girl pretty good.

dwight howard twitter fight loss 2

However, with a handle called @uHateBre, this girl was not going to be so easily deterred.

dwight howard twitter fight loss 3And that folks is how you serve someone on Twitter.

For The Win found the single greatest GIF in reaction: