Dwyane Wade outfits Heat teammates as Masters champions for Christmas

Move over Santa Claus, there’s a new gift-giving sheriff in town. Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade is in a giving mood.

Wade outfitted his fellow teammates as Masters champions with green jackets for Christmas. He shared the below photo of the entire team to Instagram with the following caption:

“I’m in a giving mood… Presented my teammates with a gift of a champion today… Channeling our inner Masters w the green jackets…#Lovemyteam#MastersGolf #wedowhatwewant #grownmenish.”

Yes, you do indeed do want you want, Dwyane. Like giving Gabrielle Union a massive engagement ring on Saturday.

miami heat green masters jackets

LeBron James also shared the photo to Instagram, saying the following:

“@dwyanewade is in the giving mood tonight! Gave everyone from our championship team last year a green jacket reminiscing of the Masters! Unbelievably thought out! Fashion at the same time! Crazy! #TheHeatles #ChannelingOurInnerMastersAtGolf #RoleWithTheWinners #IsThisWhyTheyHateUs #HaveFunWithWhatYouDo.”

The Heatles? We’re not 100% sold on that nickname, LeBron, but we’ll give it some time.