Take a sneak peek at EA Sports’ 2014 NCAA Football video game [Video]

ea sports 2014 ncaa football video game rpeview

Wednesday was a huge day for the sports video game world, as we were provided a first look at what’s in store for us in EA Sports’ 2014 edition of NCAA Football.

For the first time, the gaming franchise will use what is called an “infinity engine” in order to simulate tackles, hits and blocks in the most realistic manner possible. The new system was first utilized in the most recent version of the Madden NFL video game to great success.

What else did EA do? They brought former Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel, Oregon running back Kenjon Barner and Michigan’s all-everything Denard Robinson to UCF’s field to run through play simulations. The recorded footage was used to make the cuts, jukes, breaks and stiff-arms running backs use more lifelike.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video yourself. What do you think of the changes made?

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Video courtesy Bleacher Report