East Carolina unveils all-black uniforms, helmets for ‘Paint It Black’ game

east carolina all-black uniforms

We love it when schools show us the reaction first and then the uniforms. Here, East Carolina players are shown the Pirates’ excellent set of all-black uniforms for Week 2’s “Paint It Black” game just a few seconds before we are, but we can see from their excitement just how great the new threads are going to be.

Of course, black is a pretty go-to color when it comes to looking good, but some do it better than others. ECU’s purple Pirates logo lends itself particularly well to the all-black look, where it is featured on the left hip.

The numbers on the torso and the outsides of the shoulders are purple as well. Overall, it is a crisp, clean look that lets the black-out speak for itself.

The Pirates will be breaking these bad boys out against Florida Atlantic on Thursday, Sept. 5 in its Conference USA opener.

[H/T: Football Scoop]