Report: Eminem, Kanye’s absurd price tags on Super Bowl party turned down

Have a cool $2 million laying around and want to hire Eminem to perform for a Super Bowl party? That’s apparently his going rate.

According to TMZ, the NFL Owners Party was looking to book a musical act for an event that will entertain approximately 1,500 people. Eminem’s agent rolled the dice with the financial terms, setting a $2 million fee. Most likely smart enough to know that you don’t spend millions of dollars on a musical act for a private party, the group turned it down.

Kanye West was also at the top of the list for the party. His asking price was considerably less than Eminem’s, but was still $1 million and reportedly included a lot of perks.

The group elected to go with Janelle Monae, which honestly feels like a better fit for a private party than either rapper. Monae is only charging $150,000.

Seems like a win-win for the owners.