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The Edmonton Oilers use the ‘Flying V’ in a real game [Photo]

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Photo courtesy CBS Sports’ Eye on Hockey

Do not adjust your screens. Emilio Estevez is not on the bench, this is not 1992, and these are not the Mighty Ducks of cinematic lore.

These are the Edmonton Oilers, and they are pulling off the single greatest and most well-known formation in the history of fake, movie hockey: The Flying V.

Your jaw is probably halfway to the ground at this point. However, if you can put words together, there is only one thing to say at this point.

Quack Quack!

If this can’t get you excited to actually start caring about hockey again, then you had better bust out the old VHS player for some classic Estevez-led inspiration — or tune into these Oilers, perhaps.

H/T: Eye on Hockey

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