Epic Fail: Meineke Car Care Bowl uses Chilean, not Texan, flag two years in a row [Photo]

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Image courtesy Reddit

It’s supposed to be the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas — not the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Chile.

However, for the second year in a row, the company failed in epic fashion, using a Chilean flag in promotional materials instead of a Texan one.

One would assume the Red Raiders might be a bit more perturbed, being from the state of Texas. Seeing as they made a field goal with no time remaining to win the game, 34-31, they are probably far more comfortable with the game’s symbol.

Get your mind right, Meineke!

For those of you wondering, here’s a flag of Texas for reference:

Photo courtesy 50States.com

The flags are similar, but they just ain’t the same.

Epic fail.

H/T: Reddit

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