Erin Andrews ‘loved’ Richard Sherman’s post-game interview

We’ve heard just about every opinion under the sun since Richard Sherman’s epic post-game interview, but now we get the perspective from the person in the trenches, Erin Andrews.

Andrews was manning the microphone when Sherman unleashed a lifetime worth of emotion. He had just sealed a Super Bowl berth for the Seahawks, and the play came against one of his arch rivals in Michael Crabtree.

The FOX Sports reporter sat down with For The Win to shed some light on Sherman’s raw passion.

“I walked in front of an interview that was going on because I knew we were coming on live,” she said. “He looked up, realized it was me and he gave me this giant bear hug because he was so excited … And he hugged me so hard I hit my chin on his pads. It was a raw, passionate, candid moment. That’s how pumped he was.”

A good contingent of the media and Twitter was quick to judge, but Andrews “loved” the Sherman she had the privilege of interviewing.

“You expect these guys to play like maniacs and animals for 60 minutes,” she said. “And then 90 seconds after he makes a career-defining, game-changing play, I’m gonna be mad because he’s not giving me a cliché answer, ‘That’s what Seahawks football is all about and that’s what we came to do and we practice for those situations.’ No you don’t. That was awesome. That was so awesome. And I loved it.”

“I thought I would be criticized if I didn’t follow up, or if I said something like, ‘So anyway, you’re going to the Super Bowl now,’” she said. “No. This guy just went off. Let’s make sure we know who he’s talking about.”

Andrews, for one, is hoping that America gets to see more of Sherman in his raw element.

“Athletes don’t do that. They’re usually composed,” she said. “They usually take a minute and that’s why we grab them right after games because we hope they lose their minds like that, we hope they show pure joy. We hope he does the same thing at the Super Bowl. We don’t want a watered-down version of him.”

For more of Andrews’ take on her interview of Sherman, visit For The Win.


    Thanks, Erin !! We all get emotional and “It is what it is” and you have been around these sports enough to know they have to be so pumped with adrenalin and that’s what we all witnessed from Sherman…Go Seahawks !!!

  • Jerry Crowe

    I think she is lying. The look on her face says it all.

  • Samuel

    I don’t think she was lying, some people for whatever reason want to make it more than sports. It was a great interview at it’s rawest form…


      The MAN was at work!!! He just took us to the SUPER BOWL! Duh…
      What would “YOU” do? in that circumstance…What could someone relate this to??? The whole game was a roller coaster ride of emotion!!! GET IT!!!

  • nuspinboss46 .

    I think what Erin is saying is that she likes real people, real men, not some hair dryer blown, fake Phil Mickelson clown, that tries to make everyone their best friend…

  • bill

    the man is supose to be a rolr model no wonder our youth has no resect anymore can you say duesh bag sure i knew you could !!!

    • Kyle

      Can you spell “douchebag” sure I knew you couldn’t

  • Sara

    What would you do if someone you disliked shoved you in the face? These people who are so negatively judging Sherman must know they live in glass houses! Get over it people. It was in the heat of the moment and magnetized by 1000 because of the media. I suggest you read about Sherman’s childhood and his charity “Blanket Coverage” before you call him a douchebag. What good things have you done lately for your community? That’s what I thought.

  • joey just

    I like what Sherman said and i look forward to what he will say after they beat the Broncos,I guess there will always be haters,everybody has their own opinion and we are all entitled to that,may we think it’s right or wrong,”God Bless America,I love This Country”


    Richards and Andrews are both attention seekers. They should hook up, if they already haven’t!

  • Packer-Madness

    All she is doing, is saying something that will have the least amount of conflict.

  • James Soto

    She might have loved it but her bosses couldn’t have puled the plug on her interview fast enough.