ESPN’s Ed Werder sneaks in a fat joke in Andy Reid analysis [Video]

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After watching the video, we’re not sure if we should be hatin’ on Ed Werder for straight up clownin’ on a dude with 130 career wins, or on Andy Reid for finding himself massively overweight despite the fact that he has been hanging out with the planet’s fittest men in weight rooms for decades.

So we’re just going to break it down piece by piece, in this week’s Video Breakdown (we have to thank the king of all 2K13 haters, Tosh.0, for that one)

The video starts off like any other, with Werder’s voice dubbed over stock footage of Andy Reid’s mustache warbling up a playing field.

Does Reid, now with the Chiefs as Werder himself reports, look like a whiskered walrus? Yes, of course he does, but that is not what good old Ed chooses to rip on.

The video continues on, in the way these reports tend to do until Werder provides details of the Chiefs’ ownership flight to meet up with Reid when — BOOM!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you: The Zinger.

Reid was not on the plane with the Kansas City brass, and the only explanation Werder could think of besides ‘I don’t know’ was ‘Because the dude’s just plain old way too fat to be flying on a small, private jet’.

Whatever the case actually was, our favorite part of the video is Werder’s stammering just after he cracks the joke. The highly respected sports journalist immediately realized how busted he was (I immediately regret this decision!), and how quickly his words would end up in the blogosphere — in places just like this, in front of eyes and ears just like yours.

And for that, Werder and Reid, we thank you — both big and small.

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