ESPN’s Mark Schlabach releases post-signing day preseason top 25 college football rankings

Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron (10) holds the Coaches Trophy as he looks into the crowd while surrounded by video and still cameras after the 2013 BCS Championship game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Sun Life Stadium. Alabama won 42-14. (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

If there is anything we have learned from college football seasons of year’s past, it is that we don’t know anything. Without fail, every year provides surprises. Whether it be an underdog fighting and clawing its way to something so large as national prominence, or something so small as a roster spot for an individual; whether it be injuries, suspensions, graduations, dismissals, shocking events take place in each and every season, both good and bad.

No one knew who Johnny Manziel was prior to the 2012 year. However, by the end of the season Johnny Football was holding up the Heisman Trophy.

Of course, most of the nation expected Alabama to at least compete for a national title. However, no one foresaw Notre Dame, who opened the season unranked, as being the Tide’s opponent in Miami.

Despite all the surprises, we strive for a level of certainty months ahead of the very first kickoff of the season. We pour over statistics, crunch all the numbers, check out who is returning from the year before and who is making their way to campus for the very first time as freshmen.

We rank teams, well before they have even played a game.

On Monday, ESPN’s Mark Schlabach released the second edition of his preseason top 25. Where does your team sit on the list?

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25. Vanderbilt Commodores

24. Northwestern Wildcats

23. Nebraska Cornhuskers

22. Boise State Broncos

21. UCLA Bruins

20. Oklahoma State Cowboys

19. Kansas State Wildcats

18. Oregon State Beavers

17. TCU Horned Frogs

16. Florida State Seminoles

15. Oklahoma Sooners

14. Texas Longhorns

13. LSU Tigers

12. Michigan Wolverines

11. Clemson Tigers

10. South Carolina Gamecocks

9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

8. Louisville Cardinals

7. Florida Gators

6. Georgia Bulldogs

5. Oregon Ducks

4. Texas A&M Aggies

3. Ohio State Buckeyes

2. Stanford Cardinal

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

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  • Randy Bombardier

    Reasonable although I think Louisville and Oregon are a little high, Ohio State probably will end up no. 1 or 2. TCU may very well take the Big12 this year so probably a little low there…depends on how bloody the conference is again. Anyone ready for two divisions yet?

  • National CHAMPS

    Louisville not “high” enough. sec week in WEAK OUT