ESPN asks if Tim Tebow could have led 49ers to the Super Bowl, seriously

Photo courtesy of Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout).

Despite all the good ESPN does for the world of sports, they tend to fail miserably sometimes. One of their worst fails of all time? The show First Take. It’s terrible, to say the least.

The show recently asked “Could Tebow have led 49ers to the Super Bowl?”. ESPN will do anything to talk about Tebow, even if he is relegated to third string and could potentially never start in the NFL again.

When in the history of sports has anyone asked if a back-up quarterback could have led a completely random team to the Super Bowl?

Listen, I believe Tebow can win in the NFL. What is crazy is ESPN doing whatever they can to get his name on some sort of headline.

What do you think about this? Sound off below!

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  • Yus

    You think Tebow can win in the NFL? That’s cute. If only any other coach in the league thought that too.

    • Has a Brain

      That’s what I’ve been saying for months, but I’m a bad person because Tebow can’t throw an out route. Ugh, sensationalism.

    • Txgator24

      He HAS won in the NFL dingbats. Lol

  • Rock

    Hell yeah he could have. He can lead any team that lets him use his skill set and runs an offense around him. He is a better passer than people give him credit for.

    • 94niners

      Maybe, but Colin Kaepernick is in a whole other LEAGUE when it comes to passing. More, the 49ers required Kaepernick to make pin point accurate throws on deep ins and outs while the WRs were draped in coverage. Could Tebow consistently do that to the tune of the third highest QBR in the NFL, like Kaepernick? I doubt it.

      • Rock

        Let Tebow play in a system the caters to his ability and I think you’d be doubt free afterward.

  • Robert Martin

    Ask the Steelers if Tebow can win a playoff game in the NFL … the current folks running the Broncos didn’t think he could win, until he did ..

  • clwjordan

    10 for 300 yards and an overtime win in the playoffs. Right now there are 30 teams who wish that story could be theirs.