European Tour CEO follows Sergio’s racist remark with one of his own

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This fried chicken story takes a lickin’ and just keeps on tickin’.

During a black-tie ball in England, Sergio Garcia was asked if he would be inviting his rival, Tiger Woods, over for dinner any time soon. His response was less than classy, retorting that he would “serve fried chicken.”

From there, Tiger responded that Garcia’s words were “hurtful” and “clearly inappropriate.”

To that, Garcia, in a press conference prior to the BMW PGA Championship, apologized profusely. He explained that he had tried to make a joke but missed badly and that golf’s powers-that-be have accepted the sincerity of his apology.

However, the golfing world just can’t seem to quit jamming its collective foot firmly into its collective mouth.

European Tour Chief Executive George O’Grady only fanned the flame of this wild situation as he attempted to defend Sergio in an interview with Sky Sports.

“We know the connotation in the United States. We accept all races on the European Tour; we take it very strongly. Most of Sergio’s friends are colored athletes in the United States, and he is absolutely abject in his apology and we accepted it.”

“All races play on the European Tour, and that’s how we want to keep it. He is abject in his apology and we are moving on.”

O’Grady himself made it pretty tough to move on after stating that “Most of Sergio’s friends are colored athletes in the United States.” After all, is this the 1960s? Are old-timey folks sitting around, smoking cigars and talking about “colored Jackie Robinson”?

O’Grady did apologize for his comments, but seriously, this is getting out of hand.

“I deeply regret using an inappropriate word in a live interview for Sky Sports for which I unreservedly apologize,” O’Grady said.

It’s becoming a pattern: Say something ignorant, apologize, rinse and repeat.

At what point will the golf world actually be focused on golf?

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  • Jack Williams

    What is getting out of hand are these dimwits in the media passing judgment on people more famous than they will ever be. Would it be preferable to say ‘ athletes of color’ when it means the same thing? What the hell is the acceptable way for a European to indicate African ancestry – they don’t call them African-American in Europe. It is the media that is causing this entire soap opera – and probably colored media.

  • mike

    jack you’re a racist piece of shit

    • sallen

      Great comment!

  • Chris

    It’s probably all true isn’t it. Seriously, Tiger is black, he probably loves his Fried Chicken, I know I do, so do lots of people. Actually after all the comments he probably went home and cried and devoured a 30 piece bucket of KFC. And maybe Serio’s friends are all coloured, that could just be a statement of fact. Tiger could of turned that around and made a joke out of it.