Exclusive: Gamedayr interviews NBA summer league star Dwight Buycks

Dwight Buyks

Photo courtesy of Raptors Republic.

After starring in basketball at Miluakee’s Bay View High School, Dwight Buycks has had a long journey toward his dreams of joining the NBA. After playing for Indian Hills Community College, Marquette University and European League clubs Oostende and BCM Gravelines, the 24-year-old finally got a chance to join an NBA roster after lighting up the 2013 NBA summer league. Buycks will play for Toronto this season where he is expected to back up starting point guard Kyle Lowry. Through e-mail, Steven Benko caught up with Buycks in an exclusive interview for Gamedayr.

Coming off an MVP season at the Pro A league in France, and having an excellent showing in the summer league, how does it feel to get signed by the Raptors? 

It feels great to get signed. (It) just shows hard work and determination that I have put in and it’s getting rewarded now. (Its) a blessing and dream come true.

What are your goals as a rookie? 

My goals are to come in and give it 110% every day. Stay ready when my number is called and enjoy the experience because its just the beginning.

What are your goals for the team?

(I) Just want to be a leader to these guys. Rookie or not , I (have) always been a leader I just want bring that positivity to the team as much as possible.

Who do you look forward most to guarding in the NBA? 

Nobody in particular. Every night, every match up for me will be good because it’s the NBA so it will be exciting and competitive.

Have you met (fellow former Marquette player) Steve Novak before signing with the Raptors? 

Yes Steve (is) always down at Marquette working out when I’m down there. (I’ve) always known Steve. (He’s a) great guy.

What can Dwight Buycks bring to the Toronto Raptors? 

Toughness, offense, leadership, great personality . Just the little things it takes.

Favorite music artist? 

…My iPad goes everywhere. R&B Flow, rap, gospel, 80s. I like a lot of music from my generation all the way down to the early generation before me.

Best place to eat in Milwaukee? 

Best place (is) Buffalo Wild Wings.

Do you have a message for Raptors fans? 

You guys are great, (I) always will give 110%.

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