FAMU needs to put these helmet concepts to production for 2014

Dear FAMU, you need to put these football helmet concepts to production for 2014. Don’t even think about it anymore – Twitter is practically drooling over them.

To be honest, I didn’t realize you had this kind of swag in you, Rattlers. These helmets are on that Oregon level – you know, one in which people actually care about your football team.

The first lid, featuring a giant snake head with its fangs ready to rip and an overlay of snake skin, is incredible.

famu snake helmet concept 2014

The second helmet features chrome green sides and a wide strip of snake skin running across the top.

famu chrome green snake skin helmet

If you are still reading this FAMU official, you are wasting time – just put the order in already.

[Photos via @teamEQUIP, @HBCUGameday]