Fan is very confused in this Texas Rangers and Houston Astros jersey [Photo]

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Photo courtesy Big Lead Sports

Photo courtesy Big Lead Sports

Perhaps there were a few baseball fans out there who were forced to suffer a little too long between last year’s World Series and Sunday evening’s Opening Night showdown between the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros.

By ‘a few baseball fans’, we really just mean this guy.

The Sunday showdown featured the very first American League game in Astros history after the franchise spent decades in the National League, and this guy was pumped, to say the least.

However, he probably should have enlisted the services of a tailor or an expert or really just a stranger off the street to help him with his celebration of the new American League, All-Texas rivalry.

Or just have taken an extra second to look in a mirror. The jersey is not exactly the worst thing in the world (although, seriously, pick a team, right?), but the buttons?

You have got to handle your buttons, man!

h/t: Big Lead Sports

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