Choice of new Arizona State ‘Sparky’ mascot set to a fan vote [Photo]

arizona state sparky mascot vote 2013

According to, the unpleasant reaction to the new version of Arizona State’s ‘Sparky’ mascot has caused the school to put yet another version of the redesign to a fan vote.

A month ago, ASU introduced a new Sparky that looked so bad that most folks considered it a cross between the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee and Buzz Lightyear. In fact, the head of the Undergraduate Student Government wanted the new mascot banned from any future sporting events.

Yikes, talk about backlash.

“We decided it was more important to let people know right after the vote rather than drag it out,” ASU spokeswoman Terri Shafer said.

That’s a good idea, Ms. Shafer.

Thus, there are now four new potential Sparky designs. Check out the differences in eyes, teeth and even goatee in each one. None of the four are identical to the mascot that fans hated so much.

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Here are the details on the vote:

Who can vote? ASU students, employees, alumni, season-ticket holders, Sun Devil Club members and donors.

When did voting begin? 12:01 a.m. today (April 22).

When does voting end? 11:59 p.m. May 5.

How many times can a person vote? Once.

How do you vote? Go online at

Have your voice heard here. What do you think is the best design of the four?

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