Fans’ tweets can light up the Empire State Building for Super Bowl 48

In one of the most clever social media marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen, Verizon is giving fans the opportunity to light up the world famous Empire State Building for Super Bowl 48.

Utilizing the hasthag “#WhosGonnaWin,” the company is asking fans a daily question on Twitter. Whichever team receives the most votes during the day will have its colors displayed on the building that same night.

Following is a description from Verizon’s

All week long, Verizon is turning your Super Bowl XLVIII tweets into the first social media powered light show on the Empire State Building. Tweet your answer to the daily question with #WhosGonnaWin and you can light up the night with your team’s colors.

The Seattle Seahawks took Day 1’s question: Which team will own the running game? The Seahawk’s official Twitter account tweeted out a photo of the building shining for Seattle.