Fantasy Football 2013: Week 2 tips and what we learned in Week 1

Photo: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 produces the most knee-jerk reactions year-in and year-out. The waiver wire is flooded with claims on breakouts and cluttered with once highly-touted sleeper castoffs. The key to navigating this frenzy is reading the tea leaves and deciphering who is here to stay and who is a flash in the pan. It’s all about buying low and selling high.

Julian Thomas TE Broncos – Obviously, seven touchdowns isn’t happening again but it’s clear the onus is on the passing game. Luckily, Peyton Manning is no stranger to this sort of arrangement. The receivers are likely not on the trading block in most leagues but Julian Thomas may be. Personally, I have him in two leagues and in both cases he was meant to be a stopgap until Gronk comes back. If Thomas keeps this up, I’m going to have to trade one of them because it’d be a waste to have either eating a bench spot when I could cash in for an RB2 upgrade. If you have a fellow league member in this situation, I’d reach out to them now.

Lamar Miller RB Dolphins – Well I told you this would happen. After an abysmal first two drives, Daniel Thomas showed up and they basically split carries the rest of the way. Thomas even got the goal line carry and resulting touchdown. Do your best to pawn him off on anyone you can before you outright drop him in 2 weeks. Know any Dolphins fans? That’s your sucker.

Edie Lacy RB Packers – The most interesting part of the Packers game plan on Sunday was a downright refusal to give up on a mostly unsuccessful running game. Lacy had bad luck early, losing a nice gain on a holding call and fumbling causing him to get some quality bench time. But, he somehow managed to find his way into the endzone late in the day to redeem his afternoon. Keep in mind, that was the 49ers who play some pretty stout running defense. I would go out and get Lacy now, while owners are still a little disappointed with his week 1 stats.

Anquan Boldin WR 49ers – I’ll be honest, this guy caught me by surprise. I thought he was done and I did not understand why San Francisco went after him in the offseason. Even though he looks to be an integral part of the 49ers passing game, I really can’t see him finishing the year as a top 10 wideout. I wouldn’t just give him away, but, if you can get a couple of studs in exchange, go for it.

Reggie Bush RB Lions – This guy has got to be the most intriguing player out of week 1. Not only did he shine but he could have had an even better day having had 2 touchdowns called back on reviews. It was clear he is their feature back. He got the most carries and was heavily targeted in the passing game. But the same old issues are still there, the biggest being health. Bush’s name is already on the injury report with thumb and groin issues (he’s still playing and reportedly isn’t haven’t his workload lessened). My other concern is that I don’t foresee the Lions having the luxury of sticking with the run game, like they did Sunday, all season. Playing from behind means less carries for Bush. I’d sell now because there is no way he does anything but go down in value from here.