The Only Time Drafting A Kicker In The First Round Is Acceptable

One of the cardinal rules in any fantasy football draft is that you never, and I mean NEVER, take a kicker in the first round because of the lack of value they bring to your team.

Ten years ago however, the father of this Redditor took a kicker in the first round of their draft – where he was presumably made fun of for years.

Sadly, this season brings the first fantasy draft without the father, who had recently passed away.

So what did the league do to honor him?

Every single league member took a kicker in the first round.

Fantasy football often gets some flack for being too much of a distraction from what really matters: cheering for your home team.

But what it does is force your football family to gather each year, eat a bunch of bad food, drink too much beer and make fun of all of your friends’ choices. We do this out of love. And for established leagues like this one, it’s got to be extremely tough when a member of your football family is no longer with you. Yet the way they chose to honor the missing member is incredible.

It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye.

fantasy football taking kicker in first round

via Reddit