The Onion’s ‘Cheeseburger In A Coconut’ Fantasy Football Video Has Too Much Deliciousness

Apparently The Onion has its own fantasy football web series called “Tough Season” – it only makes sense, I suppose, considering the publication is systematically tearing down global insanity with heightened absurdity. Well, in a recent video titled “Cheeseburger in a Coconut,” fantasy footballer Brad Blevins joins his team to sing and dance around like it’s a big fantasy luau.

There’s Andrew Luck. There’s Cheeseburgers. There’s Alfred Morris. There’s coconuts. There’s Matt Forte. There’s putt-putt. There’s Wes Welker. There’s hula skirts.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder what the hell you’ve just watched. The video goes full Onion.

NFAA Defending Champion Brad Meredith Blevins (@BradMBlevins) worked hard this offseason in preparation for the upcoming fantasy football season by making his players participate in a music video for the single off his new karaoke album, “Cheeseburger In A Coconut.” Watch him battle for fantasy football glory on this year’s Tough Season.