Former Tennessee coach Derek Dooley joins the Fired Football Coaches Assocation [Photos]

Or shall we say, “professional transition”?

Following three tumultuous seasons as the head coach of the University of Tennessee, Derek Dooley was let go — to put it nicely.

We figure the phrase ‘run out of Knoxville by an angry mob carrying pitchforks’ may be a bit too harsh.

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In any case, Dooley seems to be keeping busy. On Friday, he introduced to the nation at large what exactly he has been up to now that he is not on the 100-hour workweek grind of a college football coach.

Image courtesy Derek Dooley’s Twitter feed

The ousted coach seems to be taking it all in stride, especially considering every Vols fan and their mother — literally, everyone — wanted to see Jon Gruden patrolling the Tennessee sidelines next season instead of Dooley.

Here’s a pic of of Dooley’s FFCA gear:

Image courtesy Derek Dooley’s Twitter feed

We’ll definitely keep you updated on the rest of Dooley’s activities. And don’t worry, Tennessee fans, he won’t be getting into Vols coaching stuff anytime soon.

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