Michigan’s Fitz Toussaint takes shot at ‘little brother’ Michigan State

After a down year in 2012, Michigan State is back on the scene in 2013, having run its record to 7-1 overall and 4-0 in the Big Ten.

That means absolutely nothing to Michigan running back Fitzgerald Toussaint, however. The Wolverines, at 6-1 and 2-1, can move into a virtual tie for first place in the Legends Division with a win over Sparty – something Toussaint believes should happen.

As long as big brother flexes its muscle against little brother, that is.

“We labeled them as a little brother,” Toussaint said. “And, you know, little brother always wants to prove themselves and try to beat up the big brother one day.

“I think they really take offense to that.”

We’ll see if Michigan State really has taken offense to it, and uses it for motivation, come Saturday.

Until then, Toussaint himself will continue to use his Wolverines’ 28-14 loss to MSU in 2011 as the fuel for his own fire.

“After the game, they told us to get off the field,” Toussaint said. “I don’t know if it (was the players), all I remember was ‘get off the field.’ That was very disrespectful.

“This is a business trip, but deep down, somewhere in my heart, it’s personal. That’s how I’m going to approach it.”

Speaking of “business trip,” Toussaint is excited to be playing on the road. In fact, he believes a “W” on Saturday will be more special because it will be in front of the Spartans’ home crowd in East Lansing.

“It’s going to be better in their house,” Toussaint said. “Once we go over there and take care of business, it will (feel better than last season’s win). Last year, at the Big House, we went out there and played ball and won. But we expect to win at the Big House, that’s what we do.

“Over there, it’s going to be a different ball game.”

After reading these comments, we’re pretty sure Michigan State is going to be working extra hard to make sure there’s a different outcome to last year’s ball game.