Florida International unveils a potential new basketball floor design that screams South Florida

florida international FIU new home court beach

The Florida International Golden Panthers are “movin’ on up,” from the Sun Belt to Conference USA, next year — and the basketball program is hoping to be looking good while doing it.

Current coach Richard Pitino (yes, the son of Louisville’s Rick) tweeted out this design, which may wind up being FIU’s new home floor.

It would definitely be, errrr, unique. We can already see the school’s new athletic slogans with a court designed to look like a sandy beach with icy blue waters and palm fronds:

FIU basketball: “Where life’s a beach” (Wait, is that good or bad?)

FIU basketball: “Where everything’s beachy”

FIU basketball: “Well, ain’t that a beach” (again, maybe this one’s for their competition)

FIU basketball: “Where every game is like Spring Break” (recruits should like this one)

FIU basketball: “Where beaches and basketball collide”

FIU basketball: “We don’t just play with beach balls all day”

Those are some, but the possibilities for pun-ing around are endless! What else you got? Let us know in the comments below!