Florida band to play ‘Stuntin’ Like My Daddy’ for Kelvin and Fred Taylor

With two straight losses to SEC foes, it has been a while since Florida fans have had anything to smile about.

UF’s marching band is looking to change that – with a little help from true freshman legacy Kelvin Taylor.

A member of the band revealed on Twitter that, after every big Kelvin Taylor play, The Pride of the Sunshine will strike up “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” as a tribute to his father Fred. The elder Taylor starred for the Gators before putting together a legendary career with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Why? Because sometimes it’s just great to be a Florida Gator, that’s why.

marching band kelvin taylor

For those of us who see a musical composition as a foreign language, here’s the Li’l Wayne and Birdman song – but be careful, it’s a bit *NSFW*.